How to Spend 1 Day in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Regarded as one of the most enticing destinations across the Balkans, Mostar is a lovely Bosnian city filled with history and charm. There are many ways one can find great things to do in Mostar in 1 day, but keep in mind this city also boasts plenty of hidden treasures that make it worth spending more time here! However, and if a day is all you get, you’ll want to make sure you make the most of your 24 hours in Mostar, so be sure to check our top picks of what to see in Mostar in 1 day. Just keep reading!



The easiest way of getting to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina is by bus from a nearby city in the Balkan peninsula. It is possible to travel from multiple cities in the region which are popular among visitors, such as Dubrovnik, Sarajevo or – in our case – from Kotor, Montenegro.

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On the other hand, if you’re coming from Dubrovnik and wish to take on Mostar as a day trip from the Croatian paradise, rest assured there are many day tours from Dubrovnik to Mostar.

There are plenty of things to do in Mostar in 1 day, and though many try to visit as a day trip from somewhere else, we recommend that you take travelling distances into account. Considering your time on the road (for a roundtrip), you’d be doing Mostar a disservice by not spending at least one night there. Plus, strolling through the city centre and watching the sun go down from Mostar’s grand old bridge is definitely a must-do!



Though there are many things to do in Mostar in 1 day, none of the activities from your Mostar one-day itinerary will end up meaning much unless you at least get acquainted with some of the sad events the city had to endure in the late 20th century.

Between 1992 and 1995, the Balkans faced a very violent and atrocious war, which inevitably also ended up affecting the multi-ethnic city of Mostar. Considered the longest and most violent conflict in Europe after the end of the Second World War, it involved pretty much all the countries that were once part of Yugoslavia, such as Croatia, Serbia and, of course, Bosnia.

The conflict itself had many layers and many aspects to be considered, since it had its genesis in political, social and religious clashes between Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks. People who, for many years, had been neighbours, friends, and even family, found themselves suddenly in opposite sides of the barricade, having no other choice but to fight for survival.

It was indeed a very dark period for mankind, and something that can make us all reflect deeply about our mistakes and fragilities as human beings. Take advantage of your 24 hours in Mostar to explore this chapter of the region’s history and you will certainly end up looking at the Bosnians with a different perspective!



Well, yeah tourist attractions and activities are good and all, but what about the foodies?

That’s right – today we’ll be sharing not only the best things to do in Mostar in 1 day, but also what you should definitely TASTE during your brief 24 hours in Mostar. Because every journey and every trip are certainly better with a full stomach!

Start off by testing the Ottomans’ strong influence in the country and try some burek! A puff pastry snack with all kinds of different fillings, this is definitely an item you’ll want to cross off your list. My personal favourite is the one with spinach filling, which you can savour with natural yogurt on the side. It is delicious and very cheap, so remember not to skip this meal!

On a different note, trying the traditional Bosnian coffee has to be a must-do in case you’re looking out for how to spend 1 day in Mostar! Another one inherited from the Turkish, it will provide some much needed rush to fit all of this within your pretty tight time limit.

For out meat-lovin’ readers, no trip to Mostar is complete until you sink your teeth into a try cevapi, a traditional meal of homemade kebabs made of minced meats, secret spices and garlic, grilled and served in a pita bread. Not gonna happen for me since meat is no longer a part of my diet, but Bruno says it’s delicious!

And finally, the masterpiece of Bosnian gastronomy: the baklava! If you haven’t heard about this decadent dessert of puff pastry, walnuts, and syrup… Be ready to have your mind blowed. It is so simple, and yet so irresistible!

The cost of living in Mostar is still relatively low, so a proper meal (without drinks) in a tourist restaurant should be around 6€ to 8€. With such prices, one is bound to return home with some extra pounds on his belt!



Though not more than a lovely little town at first glance, the truth if that Mostar offers plenty to first time visitors. In fact, it was certainly not easy to sort out all of the city’s activities and come up with a shortlist of great things to do in Mostar in 1 day… but here’s my best try!



After a good night of sleep, start your day off by exploring the smallest and more secluded counterpart to the world-famous Stari Most. Just 10 minutes away from its bigger and most acclaimed sister, this cute bridge is undoubtedly deserving of a visit.



Inaugurated in 1965, this cemetery stands as a tribute to the National Liberation Army, also known as the Yugoslav Partisans. If you are into history and WWII tourism, this is definitely a place to include into your Mostar itinerary. Although a very interesting sight, it seems to be a bit abandoned and even vandalized nowadays, having fallen into evident disrepair.



Any respectable list of things to do in Mostar in 1 day must include a walk by the Neretva river banks! This absolutely mandatory experience will make you fall in love with Mostar’s colours and fairytale sights.



Considering the strong ottoman influence all over the Bosnian territory, it’s no wonder you can easily stumble upon countless examples of the former empire’s legacy while visiting Mostar.

That being said, and in case you’re looking out for the best way to spend 1 day in Mostar, I recommend checking at least one of the 3 different 17th century ottoman mansions scattered around the historic centre! And whether you pick the Muslibegovic, the Kajtaz or the Biscevic House, this will nonetheless be a nice addition to your Mostar one-day itinerary!



Mostar’s Old Bazaar is yet another most-visit when in the city. Made up of several narrow streets lined with different stands, each more interesting and exotic than the one before, this is the place where you’ll find the best souvenirs: from exotic lamps, to leather articles, metal pieces, and War memorabilia – they’ve got it all!


bullet ridden buildings in Mostar - signs of the war.


One of the most daunting things to do in Mostar in 1 day is to visit the Museum of War and Genocide Victims. Considering the violence and depravity behind some of the actions carried out during the Balkans Wars, as well as the fact that all of it happened less than 30 years ago, it comes as no surprise that many of the scars created by this conflict haven’t yet healed. Fortunately, this museum will help you get a better understanding of these tragic events.

We also recommend a visit to the famous Sniper Tower, an old building that – as its name suggests – used to be popular among snipers during the war, and where nowadays a graffiti gallery helps to bring a splash of colour into such a dark place.

Finally, try to squeeze in a visit to the War Photo Exhibition in your Mostar one-day itinerary and get a glimpse of what this war was like with some remarkable photos of that period.


Interiors of Koskin-Mehmed Pasha Mosque Iconic views from atop Koskin-Mehmed Pasha Mosque's minaret


It was in Bosnia and Herzegovina that we had our first ever contact with Islam, and as a result, the enchanting sound of the Adhan coming from Koskin-Mehmed Pasha Mosque will forever shape our memories of the country.

While you’re at it, make sure to climb the mosque’s main minaret for what are arguably the best views in the whole city. Tickets to the top will set you back about 12 BAM, but I promise the breathtaking views are well worth the price of its admission.



Sadly destroyed during the Yugoslav Wars, the famous Mostar Bridge we find today is actually a second version of this masterpiece. The original one was built in 1557 and decimated in 1993, when it had more than 400 years of existence.

In an almost poetic way, the destruction of the Stari Most may well represent the destruction of so many lives and old bonds throughout the war. The destruction of the former way of life in the city. And yet, its hopeful reconstruction (finished in 2004) goes to show how much the people of Mostar are willing to finally put the past behind their backs and rebuild their peaceful lives. Just like they used to be.



Are you planning on staying longer in the city? If you need more options to fill up a larger itinerary of Mostar, then we recommend having a look at these amazing day trips:

Blagaj Tekke – Possibly the most popular day trip from Mostar, this monastery with 600+ years of history was scenically built on the base of a cliff and next to a river source. What’s not to love about it?

Kravice Waterfall – Nature lovers can not miss a visit to the beautiful (and famous) Kravice Waterfall. If are wondering if it is worth the while, just google some images and fall in love with the sights.

Historic Town of Počitelj – A very small and cozy old town built in the Middle Age that stands as a real open-air museum. If it sounds lovely, it’s because it is!

Luckily, there are multiple organized tours from Mostar which can take you to visit all 3 places in a single day. Might be worth looking into it if you’re running short on time and want to pack as much as possible!

There you have it – a full 24-hour itinerary packed with great things to do in Mostar in 1 day! Have you visited this hidden treasure? Have you got any questions? Let us know on the comments bellow.


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