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Born in 1993, together since 2009, married in 2018, exploring the World since 2014.

In 2020 we decided to quit our jobs and embark on an 8-month journey around the globe.


After saving up just enough money to be able to pay for the deposit, we decided 2020 would be the year we would finally get out of our rented apartment in Porto and buy a house… well, at least we got the first part right!

Have you ever felt like you’re just watching life pass-by? Don’t get us wrong, we had a good thing going on with our steady 9-5 jobs and comfortable (though frugal) lifestyle that allowed us to take on multiple trips throughout the year. But for some reason, that just didn’t seem to be enough. As each trip we took, our feet just got itchier, our soul growing more restless and the same question kept popping over and over again on our minds: “What if?”.

What if we quit our jobs? What if we try to live out of a backpack? What if we chase this dream? Because not all the money in the World can replace the everlasting memories we will get from this adventure – and because living is a risk worth taking – our inner questions will finally be getting an answer.

Incredible things happen outside your comfort zone.

The key to succeed is to start before you’re ready.

Would you like to join us on this adventure?

Bruno Arcos

Turns dreams into Excel sheets.
Methodical, but creative. Organised, but messy.
Numbers are his favourite tool.
Writing simply comes naturally to him.

Football lover. Designer of travelling masterplans. Born in 1993 in the beautiful city of Porto, he spent three years studying to get a degree in Hotel Management, only to find out he really loved to make a living out of writing (oh, the curse of the millennials).

However, he soon realized he could put his organizational skills to good use as soon as we started travelling in 2014… And hasn’t stopped ever since! With a map in one hand and a backpack on his shoulder, he keeps crossing destinations off his ever-growing wish list.

Daniela Fogageira Monteiro

Impulsive, considers herself a dreamer.
Often very quiet, often very loud.
Writing makes her feel more human.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve read books of people with itchy feet who ventured out in search of distant lands and faraway places. Stories of love, loss and resilience, stories of common people and entire nations. I’ve read about famine, religion and traditions. I didn’t know it back then, but inside me a flaming curiosity had been lit up. My books were my very first plane tickets. A lot of people back at home still ask us quite often why we travel. Just to see crumbling buildings? Old stones that no longer hold any purpose? To see cemeteries and churches? But why? No, my dears – it’s more than that. We travel to get a glimpse into how the World works “out there”. To see first-hand what the streets look like, how people live, and how people die in cities whose names we can barely pronounce. We travel because the World is so big and beautiful it can make us feel as irrelevant as ants, and yet our souls as giant as mountains.


In this blog you will find everything you need to know about the destinations we have visited. Want to know what to visit? How the public transportation works? How much it will cost you? We’ve got it all covered! Read our detailed posts and send us all your questions.

We want to share with you all the lessons learned while travelling and tell you all about our adventures abroad. Travelling can change you, and we believe some of our stories are worthy of telling.

This may sound like a tremendous cliché but it’s the truth: we travel because we believe that happiness is a journey, not a destination. It’s what we love to do and we want to spread the word about the wonders of travelling and share our happiness with others. We truly want to bring joy to every place we visit and, therefore, we decided to start doing Random Acts of Kindness in every city that welcomes us. Therefore, every time we travel, we prepare a list of kind activities to spread smiles all around the World and share them with you here on Circum-Mundum.

Finally, we want to inspire our readers to become Citizens of the World. If you would like to travel but have no idea where to begin, simply explore our articles and blog posts to feel acquainted with the process of planing a journey abroad, and check the page Your Trip for more info.


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