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Travelling can have a powerful impact on a human being.


We strongly believe that travelling is a great way to change the World and turn it into a more understanding, generous and happy place.

For that reason, we want to inspire as many people as possible to travel.

If you feel like you would love to travel more often but struggle a bit with the planning, then we would love to help you out.

Share all your doubts and concerns with us, and we’ll be happy to help you plan your next adventure.

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We are experts in creating a personalized budget for a trip! Our service will help you understand exactly where you will spend your money. Also, we will design a plan for your savings in order to fulfill your travelling goals. Think of it as your personal savings chronology! This way, you will always be prepared for your trips, without going bankrupt!


We will look for the best available flights according to your preferences, budget and past experience. Airlines available, duration, stopovers, and obviously prices, all of these factors will be carefully researched and analysed in order to ensure your trip starts off on the right foot.


Whether your priority is to meet as many people as possible, get a good rest or enjoy a luxury ambiance, with our help you’ll find exactly what you need while keeping committed to your budget. We would also like to advice you based on our personal experiences from the past.


Considering the places you’ll visit and your meal budget, hotel area, gastronomic preferences and dietary restrictions, we’ll provide you a list of restaurants and street food hotspots recommended by locals and tourists alike.


Do you need help designing a personalized itinerary? Read our blog posts and send us all your questions. We would love to help!


We’ll teach you how to research all about transportation, showing you how to hop from one place to another like a real pro! Using public transportation is vital when exploring a city and reaching the airport, the bus or train stations in time will never be a problem under our guidance.

Health & Safety

We’ll keep you updated on every matter worth of notice in the country you are visiting. We’ll advise you on which medication you must take with you or what vaccination must be updated before departing, as well as which areas to avoid or scams to look-out for.

Legal Issues

Trying to figure out which conditions you must assemble in order to be granted access to a country is never a fun activity. However, we’re here to make it all easier! Passports, visas, local law system, embassy contacts, you can leave the boring (yet important) part to us.

General Counseling

Communication is key! Facebook, Skype, Facetime, E-mail, even phone calls. Whatever you feel more comfortable with will be used as we want us to feel as close as possible. Rest assured, your trip will be a success.

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