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Football lover. Control freak. Designer of travelling masterplans. Born in 1993 in the beautiful city of Porto, he spent three years studying to get a degree in Hotel Management... Read More!

Your Perfect One Day Itinerary for Torun, Poland

Long considered one of the prettiest and better preserved medieval towns in Poland, Torun remains nevertheless relatively unknown among travellers and occasional tourists. While...
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Best Things to See in Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan

The daring combination between a modern, sprawling city made up of shiny new skyscrapers and a very particular set of celebratory monuments honouring Kazakhstan’s...
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Layover in Zurich – 8 Things to See in One Day

Stopovers suck, don’t they? We just want to get to that final destination we’ve been dreaming of for months on end, yet we get...
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2 Days in Vienna – Things to See in 48 Hours

A magnificent city filled with imperial beauty and class all around. A place where majestic buildings appear in every corner. A metropolis that constantly reminds...
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One Week Baltic Travel Itinerary – Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn

Despite the fairytalish historic centres, good accesses and great value-for-money deals, the Baltic remains a largely unknown and relatively unexplored region for most common...
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Saint Petersburg Itinerary – 3 Days in the City of Czars

When a city is designed from scratch according to the will and capricious desires of one of the most powerful emperors on earth, then...
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Izmailovsky Market – Russian Souvenir Paradise

Unlike many modern, hipster-ish travellers, we like to buy souvenirs every time we go abroad. It’s a way of bringing home a very tiny...
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How to Spend 4 Days in Istanbul – Between Two Continents

Istanbul is a huge city. The city formerly known as Constantinople and the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire is the kind of place...
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The Prettiest Canals in Amsterdam

When people think of Amsterdam, its picturesque canals are probably one of the top-five things that come to mind - right after hookers, weed,...
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Vienna Ringstrasse – A Road Like no Other

Few cities in Europe are as impressive as Vienna. With its fantastic architecture, opulent palaces and rich history, we guarantee the likes of Rome, Paris or London got nothing on...
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