Thinking of Croatia usually conjures images of beautiful sights, jaw dropping beaches and great weather: all important factors that make this country a MUST in every traveler’s list. If you have a preference for locations that can simultaneously present nature and history as well as architecture and man-made sights (such as ourselves), than Dubrovnik is your city of choice. And that’s exactly what we intend to prove with our Dubrovnik pictures!



With one of the most unique old towns in the world, and surrounded by the beautiful and warm Adriatic waters, this is a dreamy place. If you’re thinking of visiting the Pearl of the Adriatic, make sure to climb the city walls in order to enjoy the best views in Dubrovnik, and don’t forget to bring your camera since these are sights you will definitely wish to eternalize in your memory. And even though a photography is worth more than a thousand words, we recommend that you look for more than our Dubrovnik pictures and go see it for yourself: it will be totally worth it!

Having to choose only 25 Dubrovnik pictures from the extensive array of over 1000 recuerdos we brought back home was no easy task! The city’s intricate streets filled with rustic restaurants, cats lurking from the alleys and flowers hanging on the stone walls made them the perfect setting for our cameras. And on the other hand, the boats gently floating, the dimming lights, the fish nets and the calming water waves at the local harbour made it hard not to fall in love with this city! Also, we couldn’t help but to include some sights of Lokrum – a remarkable island located only a few minutes off the city coast. This was definitely one of our favourite adventures so far and Dubrovnik remains, to this day, one of our most endearing destinations.

Keep in mind our Dubrovnik pictures were taken in July 2017 and therefore the weather was amazing with temperatures rising above 30º C.

What do you think of our Dubrovnik pictures? Are you eager to visit? Let us know on the comments below!


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