When you are doing your research about a city you’re thinking of visiting, you will try to know what to see there, how the public transportation works and what are the best local places to eat. However, we’re sure your first contact with that particular destination has a picture involved. Images are such a rich source of information that in a single view you can sometimes understand an entire city and make up your mind on whether you wish to visit it or not. Don’t get us wrong, we’re aware you must not judge a book by its cover, but there is truth when people say a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

For that reason, here is a small exposition of the lovely Slovenian capital of Ljubljana in pictures. Hope you enjoy it!


We must admit our choice wasn’t innocent. Ljubljana is probably the most picturesque and photogenic city in Europe. The kind of place where you’ll be guaranteed a good photo regardless of what you point your camera at.

The city is split in two by River Ljubljanica and each crossing point is a masterpiece of a bridge, while the centre is populated with beautiful decaying houses that give it an authentic look, as well as a considerable number of amazing squares and quaint streets where you can just wander through simply enjoying the sights. From atop the hill the Ljubljana Castle overlooks the city, while down below you can go out at night and see how the city completely changes in the anarchic community of Metelkova.

How awesome is Ljubljana, right? Do not forget this city is just a short bus ride away from one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, a place that provided us with enough material for a future post. Did you like this idea? What city do you think we should do next? Let us know on the comments below!


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