The reason why we decided to start blogging and documenting our journeys is very simple: we want to share our adventures with as many people as possible and inspire them to find happiness in this beautiful world of ours. It sounds a tremendous cliché but it is the truth: we travel because we believe that happiness is a journey, not a destination. It’s what we love to do and we want to spread the word about the wonders of travelling and share our happiness with others.

Still, we decided that wasn’t enough. We truly want to bring joy to every place we visit and, therefore, we decided to start doing random acts of kindness in every city that welcomes us. Therefore, since our tour across Central Europe in September 2016, we started preparing a list of kind activities to spread smiles all around the world, and haven’t stopped ever since.

These random acts of kindness consist of small yet meaningful gestures that can light up someone’s day. Even if they seem to be insignificant, we can assure you that if everybody would practice this life moto, the world would most certainly be a better place.

Here you will find the stories of the people we meet, the places where we have been, the photos of our random acts of kindness and the results of this loving and sharing lifestyle.

We want to hear all about your suggestions and ideas for this activity, so please let us know what you think on the comments below!


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