When it’s time to plan a trip there are 2 types of people: the ones who have money to spare and get to rely on the services of travel agencies, and the ones who have no other option but to look out for the cheapest option and endure some heavy research. Be that as it may, we must admit we do love the process of planning a trip! So much so that we actually believe that doing everything yourself only adds up to the adrenaline and challenging nature behind every trip (plus, it’s way lighter on your wallet!). But as it happens to all, doubt and fear sometimes do cast their shade upon us: is this airline safe? Is this company a fraud? Are these buses comfortable? In times of doubt there’s not much else you can do: research, research and research! And every time we gather valuable information for our fellow travellers we share it on our Tips section in order to help others reach their personal Shangri-la.

In this case, if you are having doubts on whether bus company Flixbus is reliable or not, fear no more! We are here to help you make an informed decision.



To put it bluntly, talking of Flixbus is discussing one of the largest bus networks in all of Europe! A company capable of taking you from a remote tip on a South-Western peninsula (or as we call it, home) all the way to the heart and soul of this old continent. A company whose fleet is made up of modern, safe and comfortable buses, with a strong environment-conscious policy and – more importantly – dirt cheap prices! Is Flixbus reliable? Damn right it is!



Before reading on and discovering why Flixbus is such a reliable company, we want YOU to have the chance to give them a try and discover amazing destinations aboard their buses. Check out how to participate in our Flixbus Tickets Giveaway and win up to 3 tickets with Circum-Mundum! The giveaway will be up and running until the 21st of November, and all you need is to follow 2 simple steps in order to become eligible. Good Luck!




And we are not – by any means – exaggerating! Flixbus enjoys an unusually large network of lines and connections spread all over the European continent. From the biggest and most famous metropolis to remote villages and unknown small towns, this company is the perfect excuse to refrain from using the train and save some much needed money. If you don’t believe us just check it yourself! Take a look at their routes map and find out how far you can go with Flixbus.



Fortunately, Flixbus booking process is pretty straight-forward, as the company’s website is very intuitive, easy to use and is available in over 30 languages. The icing on the cake however, is how easy they make it for you to change an existing booking, or even cancel it! This is a pretty refreshing and unusual feature to find on low-cost companies, but with Flixbus, all the information you need on how to change or cancel your booking is only one click away.



Time to share a personal experience. Back in 2016, we had long been looking for a way to fulfill a little dream of ours and finally visit Vienna. Unfortunately, there were very few connections operated by low-cost airlines towards the Austrian capital and none of them seemed to suit our needs. How did we do it? Well, first we managed to find super cheap flights to Bratislava, and after spending 2 days exploring its adorable Old Town, we finally boarded a bus towards our dream destination. 1 hour and 5€ later (ridiculous fare), we were setting foot in one of the planet’s most impressive cities. Amazing, right?



When you pay so little for a trip between two different cities (and sometimes different countries), it’s pretty understandable that some concerns may arise regarding comfort and safety. Luckily – and surprisingly – travelling with Flixbus, though not a luxurious experience, is still a very comfortable and pleasant ride. The buses are fairly modern, the drivers cautious and all safety requirements seem to be met with no disregard for the bus’s occupants. Trust me (Bruno speaking), no one is more alert to speed limits than Daniela (such an old soul!) and Flixbus ticked all the boxes!



Social causes and environmental responsibility are getting more and more important to customers. No matter how cheap a service might be, we all need to know what a company stands for. In Flixbus case, the company focuses on sustainability. As such, they offer passengers the chance to contribute with a small donation for several humanitarian causes regarding climate protection and forest preservation. Travel with Flixbus and help make the world a better and greener place.

What about you? Have you ever travelled with Flixbus? Is Flixbus reliable in your opinion? Let us know on the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Flixbus. However, all views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the text are solely our own and based in our personal experiences aboard the company’s buses.


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