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One Day in Perast, Kotor’s Proudest Neighbour

One Day in Perast The Bay of Kotor is a special place. Surrounded by huge, imposing mountains and stretching as far as the eyes can see, its beauty and massiveness can sometimes be overwhelming and make you feel like you’re spending your days in […]

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10 Reasons Why Porto Won The Best European Destination 2017 Award

10 Reasons to Visit Porto While you’re still deciding which city to visit over your next adventure, chances are that your focus will be placed on the attractions and landmarks you’ve always dreamed of seeing. Yet, keep in mind there are many other aspects […]

How Much Have We Spent on Our Travels So Far?

How Much Money Do I Need To Travel? It happens to everyone at some point. How many times haven’t you discovered a new travelblog and grinded your teeth jealously while mumbling “I bet this guy/girl was born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth”? […]

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